GOVAA strives to create spaces for everybody to participate in community transformation. We empower you to make a change by educating yourself, by partaking in direct action, and by providing opportunities to support your community.


At our weekly meetings, we engage the student body in focused discussions around gender-based violence, and intersecting issues. Our goal is to empower our peers to act as informed and courageous bystanders in situations of violence as seen in personal relationships and the vehicles that perpetuate toxic behaviors. Life Wire, our local partner organization, facilitates every other week's meeting. Click here to see the presentation slides and notes for each week's meeting. 



To make school and GOVAA accessible to all students, we set out to offer basic needs for free and on campus, without any questions asked. We currently include toiletries, transportation tickets, condoms, and resources. These GoBoxes can be found in 10+ classrooms around the Interlake campus. Do you have a request for items to be put into the GoBox? Click here to fill out the anonymous form below. 



As an anti-racist organization we strive to uplift and amplify marginalized voices and Expression Night helps us do just that. During this evening of poetry, tea, and treats, we honor our student's experience by providing a stage and microphone for them to make themselves heard by an audience made up of their peers and teachers. Funds raised during this event have historically been donated to an organization of student choice. In the past we have donated to Akshaya Patra, an Indian organization providing meals for education, and the Brady Campaign against gun violence.



During our summer training, high school and college students alike get to participate in an intensive program where they learn to be better bystanders through interactive activities, organized discussions, and fantastic guest speakers. Our goal is to make sure that everyone leaves with a better understanding of what makes a relationship healthy and how to help anyone in need of resources. We strive to make our trainings as accessible as possible by recording them for later viewing. To view our recordings and PowerPoints of Summer Training 2021, click here.



Through structured civil disobedience, we give the students of our school a voice when no other action resulted in change. In the past, GOVAA organized a school-wide protest against gun violence after the Florida shootings and a demonstration for undocumented students.



GOVAA strives to ensure that everyone is able to access education to be better informed on essential issues relating to gender based violence. We accomplish our goal of creating change through presentations with other clubs and classes and by creating educational resources such as our GOVAA dictionary